© CMH/MCH, S2001-6285, S2001-6285
S2001-6285, S2001-6285
Museum: CMH
Artifact Number: 1974.968.1
Category: 05: tools and equipment for science and technology
Object Name: fan scale
Sub-Category: E560: weights and measures tools and equipment
Artist/Maker/Manufacturer: International Business Machines Company Limited
Place of Origin: Country - Canada, Province - Ontario
Place of Use: Country - Canada, Province - Alberta
Brand Name/Model: Dayton No. 259
Inscription: (on front/sur le devant) Manufactured by/International Business Machines/Company Limited/Toronto Canada/Dayton/ER D-5 (on back/sur le dos) Style 259 518245 25 lbs
Collection: Material History (MH)
Measurements: Height 60.0 cm, Width 70.0 cm, Depth 30.5 cm